LDI-G002 Injectable transponder

LDI-G002 Injectable transponder

Short Description:
Item No.:LDI-G002

Brief Intruction

LDI-G002  Injectable transponder is a mini electronic device dedicated to animal identification and management, it is an electronic ID for animals that can be automatically identified among with various RFID readers. Thus, it makes such as individual screening, data statistics, whereabouts control, automatic feeding and behavior management etc., many animal research, feeding, management, investigation and other work has realized automation and information technologized, the animal tracking management ability will be greatly improved. Glass tube biological electronic tag is suitable for identification of pet dogs, working dogs and husbandry animal. It is made of biochemical medical grade materials and qualified medical grade production processes, full compliance with ISO 11784/85 international standards, it has been used in large numbers domestically and abroad, and it’s all-round management to the whole process of animal growth.


Product Features

  • Unique ID, advanced security features (data integrity check, encrypted authentication)
  • Easy to use, small size, long lasts, anti-slip function on glass tube surface
  • Original imported chip, stable operation
  • Strictly sterilized at factory
  • complies with ISO 11784/85


Application Fields:

  • Animal tracking and identification management
  • Animal statistics
  • Automated animal husbandry
  • Animal behavior management
  • Pet management
  • Rare animal tracking