LDR-7015F Soft UHF Washable Tag

LDR-7015F Soft UHF Washable Tag

Short Description:
Item No.:LDR-7015F

1. Achieve and exceed the industrial washing life of more than 200 times;
2. 100% memory write test;
3. The material and design have passed the reliability test;
4. The product has passed the 100% RF consistency test of Tagformace equipment in Finland and Europe;

Main features:
1. The soft washing label can be customized according to the requirements of customers;
2. The soft washing label can be customized to meet the requirements of MRI test;
3. Soft, no damage to textiles, good handle;
4. The size of chip module is one of the smallest in the international market;
5. It can withstand 60bars pressure;
6. It is one of the few pre drying processes in the global market that can withstand 180 degrees, 30 minutes and 200 times;

Product application:
1. Industrial washing management;
2. Grass leasing management;
3. Standard clothing management and washing management;
4. Work clothes leasing and washing management;
5. Hospital linen and washing management;
6. Military clothing and bedding management;
7. Railway linen management and washing management;
8. Police clothing management;
9. Management personnel;
10. Access control management;