The Development History of RFID Technology

RFID directly inherits the concept of radar and has developed a vibrant new AIDC technology – RFID technology. In 1948, Harry Stockman’s “Communication Using Reflected Power” laid the theoretical foundation for radio frequency identification (RFID).
History of RFID technology development. In the 20th century, the theoretical and applied research of radio technology was one of the most important achievements in the development of science and technology. The development of RFID technology can be divided into the following 10-year periods:
1941-1950. The improvement and application of radar gave birth to RFID technology, which laid the theoretical foundation in 1948.
1951-1960. The early exploration stage of RFID technology was mainly in laboratory experimental research.
1961-1970. The theory of RFID technology has been developed and some application attempts have begun.
1971-1980. RFID technology and product research and development are in a period of great development, and various RFID technology testing has been accelerated. Some of the earliest RFID applications have emerged.
1981-1990. RFID technology and products have entered the stage of commercial application, and various scale applications have begun to emerge.
1991-2000. The standardization of RFID technology is receiving increasing attention, and RFID products are widely adopted, gradually becoming a part of people’s lives.
From 2001 to present. The issue of standardization is increasingly being valued by people, and the variety of RFID products is becoming more diverse. Active electronic labels, passive electronic labels, and semi passive electronic labels have all been developed, and the cost of electronic labels is continuously decreasing. The scale of application in the industry is expanding.
The theory of RFID technology has been enriched and improved. Single chip electronic tags, multi electronic tag recognition, wireless readable and writable, remote recognition of passive electronic tags, and RFID adapted to high-speed moving objects are becoming a reality.