The Use of RFID Clothing Tag

The RFID clothing tag solves many problems in the clothing industry, including sales statistics,inter-counter allocation,return control,counter inventory and search,and dynamic statistics of best-selling products and favored products

First,the statistics of the daily sales report are very important to the sales department of a company. It requires accurate results as quickly as possible, which can help the sales department allocate and replenish goods in time.

Second,the sales situation is different between different locations. The allocation of goods between different counters can accelerate the circulation of varieties and maximize the sales volume.

Third,through statistical analysis of returned goods, product quality problems can be accurately identified.

Fourth, the use of handheld readers or data collectors can achieve counter inventory and find goods easily, and improve work efficiency .

Fifth, according to the degree of attention and favorability of a certain product by all customers, real-time tracking according to the sales status can establish mathematical models and analyze consumer preferences.

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