Why use RFID anti metal tags?

RFID anti metal tag adds a kind of anti metal material on the basis of the original one. This material can prevent the failure of the tag and metal object adhesion. The tag of this material is called RFID anti metal tag. Anti metal material is a kind of special anti magnetic and absorbing material, which solves the problem that the electronic tag can not be attached to the metal surface. Products can be waterproof, acid, alkali, anti-collision, but also can be used outdoors. For example: made of durable flame retardant laminates, it can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature (can be put into oil), can withstand vibration and mechanical impact, and can resist dangerous chemicals such as sulfuric acid and brine


The reason why RFID anti metal tags are used is that they not only have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and stability, but also have many advantages.

  1. Users can customize reading and writing the standard data of RFID anti metal tag, which makes the efficiency of special application system more efficient.

  2. RFID anti metal tag is suitable for the application of frequency hopping mode, with strong anti-interference ability.

  3. The effective reading distance of RFID anti metal tag can reach more than 8 meters (related to reader and antenna)

  4. RFID anti metal electronic tag adopts ultra wide working frequency band design, which not only conforms to relevant industry regulations, but also can be flexibly developed and applied.

  5. It can read and write multiple RFID anti metal tags (up to 50 Tags / sec) at the same time, and will not be limited and affected by the number of tags in the work area.

  6. The storage area can be used for encrypted reading, writing, erasing and re writing operations. It can also open a permanent special word area for the specified user.

  7. RFID anti metal electronic tag does not need battery, memory can be repeatedly erased more than 10000 times, effective service life of more than 10 years, more cost-effective.