Personnel attendance system management

RFID channel access control system is based on RFID Technology (line RFID), which is a communication technology. It can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through wireless signal, without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets. )A new open intelligent access control and attendance system. Because the traditional attendance management system is mainly used to swipe cards, it needs to be in a long line, which is not only waste time but also not humanized. Therefore, it needs a set of practical, cost-effective, safe and reliable management scheme based on RFID technology.


RFID channel access control system has changed the traditional card swiping management mode. In the new barrier free open channel mode, when the employees and external personnel wear authorization cards, they do not need to swipe cards actively. The system will automatically identify and collect the information of the passing personnel and automatically enter the system. Because the system adopts open channel mode, it greatly improves the speed of personnel entering and leaving the traffic, solves the problem of punch in the long line of staff on and off duty. The system can be widely used in occasions with large traffic, such as large factories, large enterprises, building gates, schools, exhibitions, stadiums and inconvenient occasions for active card swiping.

  RFID personnel attendance and security positioning system is mainly composed of employee identification card (RFID electronic label), UHF UHF RFID reader and writer, database server, enterprise local Ethernet network and management terminal software.

  The entry and exit personnel only need to wear RFID electronic label working card on their body, and do not need to brush cards actively. When access the access control system through RFID open channel, the system automatically identifies, collects and records relevant personnel information, and uses the system more intelligently; the recognition speed is extremely fast, up to 800 people / minute, so as to solve the congestion of work in the upper and lower shifts;

  Application process

  1. business card printing process
  Each employee needs a work card with RFID electronic label to identify the identity. As the data carrier of attendance or dining, the label appearance can be packaged according to requirements. Generally, PVC packaging is commonly used, the size is the same as that of ordinary bank card, Print the personal information of employee photos, work numbers, names, departments and other personal information on the front, and print the logo and precautions of each enterprise on the reverse side. Meanwhile, the employee information is written in the label memory through the card issuer.

  2. register attendance
  Open access time attendance machine is installed at the gate of office building or factory building. The system will automatically record attendance information for employees who need not stay and do not need to queue. In addition, the LED display can be added to display the employees who are currently registered attendance.

  3. company visitors
  The authorized card for the visitor is configured. When the guest arrives at the office building, the LED display will welcome the information and guest information. The card of the visitor shall be equipped with the office area allowed to enter. If the non qualified place is entered, the system will issue a warning.